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Pics 2

Denise White

JR from South Carolina

Ceretha & Paige

Willa Mae Ray's 70th Birthday Celebration

Bishop John Campbell and Family from SC

Stewart, Karen Issacs and family

They strike for a pose during a 4th of July family get together.

Ruth Williams and Erica Campbell

.Denise White

Zachary Harris

June Campbell

Mary Jane Lewis and Bonita Campbell

Bishop John L. Campbell of Beaufort, South Carolina

Linzie McCullom and family

Buddy Campbell at Graduation

Juanette (Tiny) Campbell

Eugene Campbell

Erica Campbell and George McCullom

Nettie Keith holding her grandaugter Erica Campbell

Buddy ( Eugene Campbell Jr.) and son Donavan

Monique Ray from Atlanta, GA and Erica Campbell

Beverly White

June Campbell

Helen Campbell

Robin Campbell Nixon